Quickbooks® Integration


Furniture Wizard’s integration to QuickBooks® gives you complete control of your store, with Furniture Wizard maintaining control of your Inventory, Customers, Special Orders, and your Receivables.

QuickBooks is then used for entering your Expenses and payables, for your General Ledger Reports such as the Profit & Loss Statement & Balance Sheet, and finally as a check register.

The information sent from Furniture Wizard to QuickBooks® includes your suppliers, allowing you to pay any bills incurred from your suppliers, any payments that have been received for that day, customer information to be associated with the payments; and finally your invoices are transferred over to QuickBooks® once they have been completed.

Furniture Wizard allows you to track activity on an invoice from the time the order is placed through to actual delivery. It is important to understand each stage of an invoice, as it is prepared.

Only invoices that have been created, delivered, and completed are downloaded into QuickBooks®. Invoices that are still pending are considered sales orders and are not transferred with the export to QuickBooks® feature.

Newly Improved Quickbooks Integration

  • Newly Improved Integration
  • Single Click Synchronization
  • Complete Customer Data
  • Automated Accounts Receivable
  • Enhanced Accounting Control
  • Less Steps / More Information