Wizard data

Backing Up Furniture Wizard

Be sure to make a special backup of your Furniture Wizard data file (Wizard_data.accdb) if you do not have a file with this name you may have an old version of Furniture Wizard. Keep this extra backup in a separate location that does not get over-written. This copy of your data can give you a final shot at year-end information. Many of our customers rely on automated backups, but have no idea how to restore any of the data, or are unaware if the backup system is even working. For these reasons, we recommend you use an inexpensive flash drive, and copy your Furniture Wizard data file to it. The Wizard_data.accdb file will be located on the C: drive of the computer acting as the server or server. Workstations will not have this file on their C: Drive.
The location of this file is C:\Wizard\Wizard_data.accdb.