In today’s digital world, retail customers expectations are much higher: they’re used to instant visual answers to everything they’re looking for.
Our iPad solution will blow away these expectations!

The furniture buying experience has always consisted of a friendly greeting and many questions to determine the needs and wishes of your customers. Your sales staff is constantly leaving their customers running to retrieve catalog after catalog. When a customer expresses interest in one or more items, the sales associate must once again abandon their customer to attempt to determine if the items are in stock, available or discontinued. Today, customers are longing for a more efficient, less time consuming experience. In the age of search engines and fast Internet, customers expect you provide the same quick, real-time access to your product selection and availability. They no longer wish to accept the old way of doing business.

The introduction of iFurniture provides the ultimate solution, your sale staff no longer leaves their customers, instead they have instant access to the information they need. Dozens of catalogs, thousands of images, and your complete customer list are instantly available in a 1.3 lb. tablet. You can merchandise ifurniture with the same pride, care and attention used to merchandise your showroom. Related furniture & accessories or items in the same collection are displayed, empowering your sales staff to increase their average sales and profit margins. This increased efficiency also allows your sales staff to handle more customers on a busy day and, when necessary, even attend to multiple customers at the same time.