System Requirements

For Single Store implementation

Furniture Wizard is installed directly on each computer that will run the program. One computer will be designated as the “Server” or “Host” machine; this computer will maintain your data. Other computers on your local network will connect to this machine.

As of 12/1/2018



Intel Core i7 or better


16GB +

Internet Access Via

DSL/Cable or faster, 3GB up/down minimum


100mb wired network. Wireless NOT recommended

Backup Devices

NAS device or Cloud Backup Service

Operating System

Windows 10 (Professional edition for networking features)

Screen Resolution

Monitor set to 1024×768 or higher

For Multi-Store/Location Implementation

Furniture Wizard needs to be implemented in a Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services), server-based environment. Users can remote in from wherever they are and use Furniture Wizard (or other applications installed on the server). When implemented this way, the only requirement for workstations is that they can use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client.

While not required, it is strongly recommended that a VPN tunnel is configured between the server location and other remote stores, for added security and ease of sharing resources, such as printers.

Server requirements will need to be determined by a network technician based on the needs of the individual furniture store, which may vary. The hardware requirements will be based on the number of concurrent users based on Microsoft guidelines and best practices. The Remote Desktop Services Client Access License (RDSCALs) for each user or device used for connecting to the server should be determined by your Technician.

Due to compatibility issues with Server 2012R2 or higher, Dymo LabelWriter printers need to be installed on a print server device. Printing via RDS redirection does not work.

Optional Software Compatibility

Furniture Wizard is compatible with the following products, which are each sold separately. Use of these applications may raise the computer’s minimum requirements.

  • Microsoft Office 2003 or higher. Not compatible with 64bit version of Microsoft Office. Why?
  • QuickBooks Pro 2012 or higher (Premier edition is also compatible, but not required)
  • iPad 2 or higher for use with iFurniture line of iPad Apps

Optional Point of Sale Hardware

Star MicronicsTSP100 futurePRNT Monochrome Receipt Printer Star Micronics SMD2-1317 Cash Drawer
image1 image2
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Ethernet interface (cable included)
  • ‘Plug & Play’ automatic installation
  • Internal power supply
  • Auto cutter
  • 13″x17″ size
  • Printer driven interface
  • 4 Bill/4 Coin
  • Ideal for any sales environment